A Mega East Coast Linda Ronstadt Tribute Band 

Like Linda, a Ronstadt Tribute Band, is committed to the quality and integrity of Linda Ronstadt music. Their show is a celebration of Linda Ronstadt’s covers thru the 70’s era, highlighting Linda Ronstadt songs like "Blue Bayou", "Heatwave", "When Will I be Loved", "It’s so Easy", "That’ll Be The Day" and Linda Ronstadt greatest hit "You’re No Good".  

Accomplished Vocalist Susan Byrnes is the perfect “Like Linda”, a mega fan raised singing the hits of her hero - Linda Ronstadt. She delivers a truly authentic musical tribute with power house vocals, lyrical precision and the assembly of five professional musicians dedicated to musical excellence.  

An artist of incredible talent, recognition for Linda Ronstadt has gained momentum since the release of her documentary, "Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice", which premiered in January 2020 and recently won a Grammy for Best Musical Film.  

The Like Linda Band entertains a multitude of spectators and musical fans while paying homage to the first Queen of Rock and is delighted to bring Linda Ronstadt's music back to center stage.  The Like Linda Band “fits the Marquee” and is perfect any event or festival.


"Everywhere you go, there's a soundtrack. You can't really quite hear it. It's just a little out of range of hearing."” - Linda Ronstadt


Like Linda Band